Unfallgetable Weekend


Whoahoo! This Door County weekend has been jam-packed thus far. I’m exhausted, I’m satisfied, I’m sore. And there is a whole sunny fall day left to enjoy.

Before I take another sip of coffee, let’s take a look back.

1_I journeyed to the Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy to meet Cookie the cow, pet baby goats, and get lost in the easy peasey corn maze – level one of level four. Yes, they have four corn mazes.

2_I went a little decadent with my first Fall Fest beverage – a Grasshopper from Mission Grille. Yum!

3_Then I danced to Muddy Udders in my dancing boots, with a slew of strangers dancing and singing along. My body has not recovered from the sweet moves I busted.


4_To start off Saturday right, I visited a pumpkin baking party by my friend Carol Thompson. She whipped together some mini pumpkin muffins that were delicious!

5_Then we trekked down to Fall Fest and socialized, socialized, socialized. We checked out the arts & crafts, had the infamous Gravy Burger from Husby’s, Pumpkin-Pie-In-A-Cup from Drink Coffee.

6_The dancing boots went back into action and my knees have not forgiven me.

But today is a new day! And there are so many options. Just check out our Calendar of Events…(and don’t forget about Sister Bay’s Ping-Pong Drop and this afternoon’s Packers game. Go, Pack! Go!)