United Way of Door County Adopts Anti-racism Statement

During its May meeting, United Way of Door County’s board of directors adopted an Anti-racism Statement that can be read below. The board adopted the statement to strengthen the organization’s commitment to equity and to build on the Diversity Statement it adopted in July 2021. 

During the past year, board members have committed to ongoing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training that exceeds the three hours of DEI training required annually by United Way Worldwide. Board members have also spent time during their monthly meetings discussing various articles and studies. 

All United Way staff members are required to actively participate in seven hours of DEI training annually. In addition to attending seminars and webinars, staff members have dedicated time during monthly meetings to share their learnings to help each other grow. 

United Way of Door County has also participated in and actively promoted the two 21-week Equity Challenges offered by United Way of Wisconsin and the nine-week LGBTQ+ Challenge offered by Brown County United Way. In March, the United Way of Door County board of directors granted $7,775 to the County of Door to support its work in developing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan of Action. This grant was from its endowment-fund granting program. 

“Our mission to build a community where all people can achieve their full potential can only be accomplished when discrimination in any form is identified and abolished,” said Jason Palmer, United Way board president. “Our board seeks to create an inclusive community where everyone’s contribution is valued.”

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