Once Upon Our Peninsula: April 21, 2017

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

The Expositor Independent, April 18, 1879

Michael Hayes Jr., of Egg Harbor, was in town Friday, and reported killing a monstrous animal, of the cat specie, in the weeds near his place, and about the size of a common full grown dog. The query is: what is the proper name of the animal?

The Republican, April 21, 1892

The mail now arrives here at noon regularly being brought from Green Bay by the Hart boats. It is a great improvement over carrying it by stage.

Door County Democrat, April 21, 1900

The “Schlitz Globe,” a schooner rigger pleasure boat, left here by Capt. Fritsch, last spring, at the time he and his companion were put in the calaboose for purloining an anchor, and which had been sunk in the old “upper mill” slip since last spring, has been bought by Wallace Easson and Capt. Searles. She has been raised and will be recalked and painted, and put in readiness to serve her owners for pleasure purposes during the coming summer.

Door County Democrat, April 18, 1913

John Stoneman came near running a new Ford automobile off of the bridge Monday while trying to learn the duties of a chauffeur. He had purchased a new runabout machine from the Moeller garage, and while testing it out decided to cross the bridge to the fourth ward and take a run out to his home near Maplewood. He was accompanied by Frank Moeller, but by the time the bridge was reached John thought he was able to run the machine over that structure so remained at the wheel. When about halfway to the toll house the automobile got out of the narrow and straight path and before Mr. Moeller could assist Mr. Stoneman in getting the machine straightened out it took a dive toward the left hand side of the bridge, and went thru the railing, taking out about twenty feet of it, and coming to a stop as the forward wheels hung out over the side of the bridge, the car balancing on the planking extending outside of the railing. If the car had gone forward another foot it would have plunged off the bridge into the bay with its occupants. The only damage done to the car was bending of the steering gear.

Door County News, April 19, 1923



Voices of Grave Guide John

Peltier, Door County Assem-

blyman In Duties

A special correspondent of the Milwaukee Telegram gives our assemblyman publicity by publishing his picture and an interview had with him on spiritualism, Mr. Peltier being the only known follower of this belief in the legislature. He says that he gets advice and instruction from the spirit in determining his stand on legislative matters. When he is not in the assembly he is a farmer and commercial fisherman. In the latter capacity, spirits gave him many a good turn, he explains.

“I would be out on the water and something would tell me a school of fish would be at a certain place the coming winter. I would act on the advice with great good fortune and would be rewarded with big catches. So they came to call me ‘Lucky Peltier’.”

Spirits have played an important part in making Assemblyman Peltier a dry. He says he has received frequent pro-dry inspirations from the other world with a result that he is convinced that the wet movement can bring nothing but evil if it is successful.

Door County News, April 16, 1936

Citizens of the Town of Liberty Grove voted at the annual town election last Tuesday to exempt from taxation four roads on each side of all state and county trunk highways and all town roads, provided a tree planting program as outlined by the town board is carried out on such land.

So far as is known, this is the first attempt on the part of any town in Wisconsin to encourage the planting of trees as a preventative to snow-blocked highways and for the further purpose of beautifying the countryside.

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