Once Upon Our Peninsula: Feb. 10, 2017

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

                                                          The Expositor, Feb. 12, 1875

J.J. Foors formerly of Little Sturgeon, but more recently of Red River, has been spending several days in town. He is prospecting with a view to build a grist mill. He goes from here to Bailey’s Harbor, where he thinks he will finally decide to build, if sufficient encouragements are offered him.

                                                     The Independent, Feb. 10, 1888

Last Monday fire totally destroyed the house of Antone Henquinet, of the town of Gardner, together with all its contents, a little four-year-old child being smothered by the smoke. Mrs. Henquinet had gone to a neighbor for a short time and left the house in care of her little children the oldest of whom was about six years old. In some way fire from the stove was communicated to the walls of the house. The children became frightened and left the house, but the little unfortunate went back into the burning house, and was overcome by the smoke. About this time neighbors began to arrive and one of them entered the house and brought out the child. It was found in an unconscious condition from which it was impossible to resuscitate it. The blow is a heavy one to Mr. Henquinet, for besides the death of his child he has lost his home and its entire contents among which was $27 which he had managed to save from money earned while fishing this fall and winter.

                                                        The Republican, Feb. 11, 1892

The annual city election takes place in a little less than two months and as yet we have heard nothing as to the probable candidates. It is thought that there will not be any very lively scrambling for any of the positions this year. There is more honor than salary connected with most of the offices, and the fault-finding that the officials have to put up with generally comes pretty near making up for any honor they may derive.

                                                   Door County Democrat, Feb. 13, 1897

The Sturgeon Bay Trotting Association have completed arrangements for a series of horse races to be held on the ice directly opposite the city on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 19th and 20th. The management have decided to have three or more races, including a three-minute race, a “named race,” and a free for all. The committee are collecting a purse from local business men. The races on the ice last winter were a success, as no doubt these will be.

                                                        Door County News, Feb. 9, 1916

All fishermen in the county or any persons interested in this or allied industries should attend the meeting at the city hall on next Wednesday, February 16. The state conservation commission will be present and wished to hear the people of this county express their ideas concerning the state fish and game laws. An endeavor will be made to simplify and revise same so that there will be no misunderstanding. The committee is here to listen to what the fishermen have to say about the laws, realizing that there are a number that are far from satisfactory.