This Week in Door County History: Flight Across Lake Michigan, Bass Fishing, Institute School

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Expositor, June 9, 1876

Serious accident.

Mr. John Gorge, of Sevastopol while at work building fence at his place last Tuesday accidentally hit his son, a child two years of age, on the head with an ax. The skull was opened with a fearful gash across the temples. Dr. McEacham was summoned to dress the wound. He regards his recovery as very doubtful.


The Independent, June 4, 1886

Ed. Cummings seems to be one of those unfortunate individuals who never can learn wisdom from experience and is still a nuisance to himself and his fellow citizens. ‘Tis less than two weeks since the majesty of the law had occasion to frown upon him, and now Marshall Elliott has him in charge waiting for him to sober up enough to realize his shame when he is brought before Justice Carr to be judged, and muleted for the benefit of the city treasury and to appease the offended spirit of decency.


Door County Democrat, June 10, 1899

The greatest bass fishing in the history of Sturgeon Bay is now being enjoyed by local sports, who are almost jealous of outside nimrods coming here to enjoy it. Catchers of immense numbers and specimens of fabulous size are daily reported. Let’s all go a-fishin’.


The Door County Democrat, June 10, 1910

Contractor Aug. Moeller, of Sevastopol, has completed the mile of crushed stone road from the Bushman corner to the railroad track, this stretch of road being along the town line between Nasewaupee and the town of Sturgeon Bay. Two more miles of crushed stone road will be put in this summer, the contract having been let to Thos. F. Carmody, of Egg Harbor.


Door County News, June 9, 1921

Institute Site Is Selected

The citizens of Sevastopol met at the town hall on Friday evening for the purpose of determining whether they should have a combined high and graded school and also where the school was to be located.

The first business of the meeting was to determine whether the proposed consolidated school should be graded school or a combined graded and high school. The sentiment in favor of a combined graded and high school was almost unanimous. Of the 378 votes that were cast by those present there were only eleven who voted for an exclusive graded school. This will give some idea of the progressive spirit prevailing in our neighboring town, the citizens of which fully appreciate the benefits of an education and want the best right within their borders.

The next question was the location of the school. Three sites were proposed, one of which was at Institute, another at Finnegan’s and the third at Fehl’s. In favor of Institute, 235; the new school will therefore be located at Institute.


Door County News, June 8, 1939

Will Attempt Glider Flight Over Lake Michigan Sunday

The 54-mile glider flight across Lake Michigan from Sturgeon Bay to Frankfort by Ted Beliak in his German-made glider, will be attempted this Sunday, June 11…All arrangements here for the take off are in the hands of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Cherryland Chapter of the N.A.A. and the take-off will be made from the new Cherryland airport on the Little Sturgeon road.

If successful, the flight will be the longest motorless plane flight ever made over a body of water.

Nation-wide radio broadcasts will be made from here at the take-off, and the news reels will make a graphic record of the event. Representatives of the major press associations will be present, and the New York Times indicated that a correspondent will be present to cover this epoch making glider flight.

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