Upset in County Board Race

Voters delivered a big upset in the April 1 election, with Jacksonport farmer and town supervisor Randy Halstead in a landslide win over incumbent Dale Wiegand for the Door County Board of Supervisors District 16 position.

In a very close race, challenger Hugh Mulliken’s 253 votes to incumbent Gary Farber’s 249 votes ensured him one of two open seats on the Liberty Grove Town Board. The other seat goes to incumbent Lou Covotsos who earned 293 votes. Those who saw the Liberty Grove candidate forum on March 22 may recall that Mulliken planned to accept a $1 a month remuneration for his work on the board until the town’s debt is paid off, and he asked that his colleagues join him. We’ll see how that goes.

In the Southern Door School Board race, Pamela Parks with 759 votes, and Katie Schnorr and Mike Toneys with 713 votes each won the three seats in that six-person race.

County Supervisor District 1

David Englebert: 182 votes, 47.64%

John Bur: 200, 52.36%

County Supervisor District 16

Dale Wiegand (i): 72 votes, 38.71%

Randy Halstead: 113, 60.75%

Liberty Grove Town Board

Gary Farber (i): 249 votes, 30.89%

Lou Covotsos (i): 293, 36.35%

Hugh Mulliken: 253, 31.39%

Sevastopol Town Board

Chuck Tice (i): 246, 33.70%

Victoria Cerinich: 178, 24.38%

Dan Woelfel (i): 306, 41.92%

Sister Bay Village Board

Virginia Phelan: 86 votes, 15.72%

Pam Abshire (i): 163, 29.80%

Nora Zacek: 133, 24.31%

Patrick Duffy (i): 163, 29.80%

Southern Door School Board

Pamela Parks: 759, 19.64%

Dean Gerend: 514, 13.30%

Dustin Miller: 543, 14.05%

Katie Schnorr: 713, 18.45%

Kelly Tassoul: 620, 16.04%

Mike Toneys: 713, 18.45%