UU Fellowship Presents PBS Series on Race

On three Monday afternoons, April 3, 10 and 24, the Racial Justice Task Force of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County will present the award-winning PBS series Race: The Power of an Illusion. The videos are 55 minutes each, followed by a discussion about this much misunderstood, critically important subject.

“The Difference Between Us” episode on April 3 examines how recent scientific discoveries have toppled the concept of biological race. The program follows a dozen diverse students who sequence and compare their own DNA. Their discoveries dismantle our most basic myths about race.

“The Story We Tell” on April 10 is an eye-opener. It tells the tale of how America’s need to defend slavery in the face of radical new beliefs in freedom and equality led to a full-blown ideology of White Supremacy.

“The House We Live In” on April 24 focuses not on individual behaviors and attitudes, but on how our institutions shape and create race, giving different groups vastly unequal life chances. Is the U.S. still a melting pot? Sociologist Eduardo Bonilla-Silva says, “That melting pot never included people of color. Blacks, Chinese, Puerto Ricans could not melt into the pot.” Was the USA a melting pot for your family? Why or why not?

The screenings/discussions will take place from 3:30 to 5 pm. The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County is located at 10341 Water St. in North Ephraim. For more information call 920.854.7550.

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