UUF Gallery of Door County Exhibits Karon Winzenz Artwork

In an exhibition titled “Cross-Cultural Dialogs: An Artist’s Journey,” Karon Winzenz will present a retrospective of works created since the early ‘80s. Included will be mixed media wall reliefs and free standing sculpture from three series titled, “Altars,” “Shrines,” and “Monoliths.”

“As an artist seeking to express aspects of human spirituality I began in the late ‘70s to look for models and archetypes outside my own modern, secular culture,” said Winzenz. “Conceptually my work is influenced by the ritual art and architecture of pre-historic and non-Western cultures, especially those of the New World before and after European contact.”

Winzenz moved to Door County in 2005 and joined the UUFDC in 2010. Her major career was as a practicing artist and a professor at UWGB where she taught studio art and art history. Since retirement she has been writing and teaching about the ancient Maya. She has also returned to painting.

Winzenz will present a slide-talk at 7 pm on Wednesday, June 16, to discuss the influences of non-Western cultures and their world-views on her work. A reception will follow.The public is invited to attend.

The opening of this exhibit is Sunday, February 6 and the show will run through March 27. The UU Gallery is located at 10341 Highway 42 in Ephraim. The gallery is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 – 3 pm and 11 am – 12:30 pm on Sunday. For more information visit