UW-GB Researchers Seeking Adults 65 and Older for Oral-History Project

UW-Green Bay researchers are seeking adults ages 65 and older to participate in the Oral-History Project: Exploring Purpose and Meaning in the Life Stories of Older Adults. This project seeks to illuminate the purpose and meaning assigned to significant life experiences and milestone events as described by older adults. 

Participants will be asked to tell their life story and discuss social events, cultural forces and personal concerns that shaped their life from the earliest times to the present moment. Within this framework, participants may discuss interests, family histories, sociocultural influences, careers, cognitive and intellectual changes, life challenges and more. 

Participation is voluntary and will consist of telling your life story to an interviewer who will record it and use it to create an edited, journalistic-style article that may be published as a poster-presentation at a conference or in a journal article, book chapter or internet blog report. Interviews are expected to take one and a half to three hours each.

If you have any questions about the project or would like to participate, contact Dr. Dean VonDras at 920.465.5012 or [email protected]