Vacancy Opens on Gibraltar Town Board

Tim Luettgen has resigned his seat on the Gibraltar Town Board effective Sept. 30.

Luettgen, who is serving his second two-year term, said he’ll be spending more than half the year in Florida, wouldn’t be able to maintain the residency requirement and does not want to spend the winter as a virtual board member.

“I don’t want to be the guy who Zooms in once a month,” he said. “They need someone local and available.”  

The Gibraltar Town Board will appoint a person to serve for the remainder of Luettgen’s two-year term. Letters of interest from qualified electors are due by Sept. 28 for consideration during the Oct. 5 meeting. A qualified elector is someone who is 18 or older and has lived in the town full time for at least 28 days, according to Gibraltar town clerk Kelly Murre.

Luettgen and his wife have had a home in Fish Creek for 18 years and moved to the town full time when he retired six years ago. He didn’t have any plans to run for an elected office until former town board chair Dick Skare knocked on his door and recruited him to run.

“I was very happy to have served,” Luettgen said. “It was a real learning experience – a good learning experience.”

For the person who eventually fills the vacancy, he had this advice: “Be prepared to go in there and to do a lot of listening.”

The person appointed to serve for the remainder of Luettgen’s term would be up for election in April 2023 if that person wished to continue serving. If you have questions, call the town office at 920.868.1714 or email [email protected].