Last week we took a look at the Verdecchio grape in Italy, this week we travel across the Mediterranean Sea to Spain where a similar varietal is found. Verdejo is found in the Rueda region where it is labeled Rueda Verdejo (85 – 100 percent Verdejo) or labeled Rueda (50 percent Verdejo and the remainder Sauvignon Blanc or Macebeo).

Condessa Eylo Vineyards Verdejo Rueda Spain 2010

Appearance: Straw yellow hue

Aroma: Dense peach and pear notes on the nose

Flavors: Peach and pear added to lively flavors of melon and white floral with underlying notes of mineral and smoke

Finishing Notes: Dense and focused with a bright and clean ending

Perfect Pairing: We thought a nice fall appetizer dish would make this Verdejo stand out. A warm shrimp tartine with a fava bean, almond and mint pesto, topped with a drizzle of olive oil and a touch of fresh cracked black pepper would pair nicely.

WINE:30 is written by Karl Bradley and Jody Wuollett, who are both longtime residents of Door County. Jody is the owner operator of Chop Restaurant in the Sister Bay Country Walk Shops and Karl is the General Manager and Executive Chef of the Mission Grille in Sister Bay. They have both been awarded the first level of certification from the Court of the Master Sommeliers.