Village of Egg Harbor Budget Message Highlights

By Ryan Heise, Village Administrator

Thank you for the opportunity to review a few of the budget highlights in Egg Harbor for the coming year. First, you should know that the village is in the process of creating a budget document, which will get mailed out with the tax roll (1,300-plus landowners). The document will explain services from year to year and will discuss upcoming projects the village has in queue. Staff is in the process of working with Hillstrom PR (out of Sturgeon Bay) to develop a user-friendly document. The budget document will reliably disseminate fact-based information from the village and also presents itself as an opportunity to highlight some of the successes that have occurred in 2015. As an example, the previous administrator commented that Sunset Concert series is definitely worth mentioning.

What we plan to include in the message

  • General services: No change in staffing levels from year to year; general community services to remain in place.
  • Marina: Increase in docking and launch fees as explained by the rate study review comparing other local marinas. Also, the Marina which is touted as the crown jewel of Egg Harbor has gone without an increase for last five years. The Marina has yet to establish a healthy reserve to fund capital repairs when they are needed.
  • Utility rate increases of 11.5 percent: Can be supported by the engineer’s rate study which called for a 24 percent increase, and it’s worth noting that the last increase was back in 2012. Fee increase necessary to cover Operations & Maintenance plus future needs for capital improvements. Rightly so, regulations are only getting more restrictive as it relates to enhancing water quality and associated costs for meeting clean water criteria come with an expense.

Major projects

  • Enhance Egg Harbor – Hwy. 42/County G improvements: With a focus of enhancing quality of life for residents and visitors alike by making Hwy. 42 a Main Street, and not just another corridor in Door County. With targeted goals of improving pedestrian flow and safety along with enhanced parking and aesthetics. Unfortunately the total cost of the project is unknown at this time and timeline for the project is still to be determined. Next public workshop to be announced, and is likely to occur sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday. Residents should be informed that the village will bond the project and debt repayment will begin in the following fiscal year, FY 2017.
  • Beach project update: The village is working with engineers to apply for a stewardship grant with the State. If the grant should be approved and awarded to Egg Harbor, this will not be a summer 2016 project. The residents and guests of Egg Harbor can look forward to re-nourished sand on the beach for the summer 2016 with a potential full reconstruction of the beach in the fall.
  • Library Community Center project: Has gained massive amounts of momentum and efforts are focused on developing a site across from the Peg Egan Center. Major donors have graciously stepped up to the plate and village remains committed to the project.
  • Memorial Beach View Terrace: Yet another value added project for the village. The village has received a significant financial commitment from a private donor and there are opportunities for others to get involved with contributing to the project. The village remains committed to the project and the Public Works staff will lend their support to make sure costs are contained. Targeted goal of creating a place of reflection with postcard views over the beach and to the Marina.


  • Transient rental notice reminder to property owners for room tax collection
  • Request for volunteers on various committees

Summary message

2016 will be an exciting time in the Village of Egg Harbor, with the help of its landowners; decisions will be made that will last decades to come. Egg Harbor continues to invest in its future and isn’t doing so to stay relevant, but rather to lead the way for creating a unique and memorable experience in Door County for its residents and guests alike.

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