Village of Egg Harbor Joins No Mow May Movement

Emerging pollinators need reliable food sources. That premise has inspired the No Mow May movement, which is taking root in many places, including the Village of Egg Harbor. 

Its Parks and Public Works Committee and village trustees adopted the No Mow May concept last month, thus agreeing to hold off on mowing grass on public property until Memorial Day weekend, and they invite residents and business owners to participate by not mowing during May.

Not mowing gives many nectar-bearing plants that are unable to bloom at shorter heights a chance to flower and provide needed nutrients to pollinators. Fragile bee populations have been shown to dramatically increase through this initiative, and it may strengthen root growth and help to control run-offs.

The city of Appleton – a fellow Green Tier Legacy Community – instituted the No Mow May initiative in 2020. Many property owners joined in, and the bee population increased fivefold.Egg Harbor participants can learn more and sign up at and visit the Kress Pavilion to pick up a yard sign, the supplies for which were sponsored by Door County Thrive. 

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