Visuals Test Title

This is a sample editorial piece to be used with the tutorial when practicing with Linear Publishing. The item includes “quote” marks to see the effect when added to the Internet. Other trouble characters such as apostrophes don’t cause trouble.

The break between paragraphs is a single carriage return when adding the editorial. Normally, this would be the condition of editorial entered from Quark or Microsoft word. Your Linear system is probably configured to insert double returns on the Internet – this results in a more readable format. Using editorial defaults, you can change this setting.

Later, when placing visuals, we’ll be happy we have multiple paragraphs. The visuals are placed within editorial according to the paragraph number. Naturally, if we wish to place multiple visuals, we’ll need multiple paragraphs.

Until this point, this editorial item has included no HTML coding to enhance the presentation. We’ll now turn on bold to see the effect. That wasn’t so hard. The same simple codes can be used to engage italics and underlining. There are certainly more HTML codes, which can be used to enhance editorial, but the important point here is that Linear will accept these efforts with no problems.

Whenever there is a line break, Linear sees a paragraph.

We hope this sample editorial item will help you begin to master the many features of Linear Publishing. Certainly, we want the simple process of adding editorial to be a breeze. Good luck.