Volunteer Highlight: Dave LaLuzerne

“My philosophy is, think globally, act locally.”

Lives in: Ellison Bay

Profession: Works at the pottery business (Lynn’s Pottery) that he and his wife own. Before that, he was a pharmacist and owned herb and vitamin shops in Madison. 

Number of years in Door County: Eight

Started volunteering: As soon as I moved here

Areas of interest: Composting, trees and solar energy

Volunteer accomplishments: Taught classes at The Clearing during its winter session, helped organize the annual Every Day Is Earth Day festival, established 11 composting sites around the peninsula, and I’m working on establishing more.

Why he began volunteering, and why he continues: I want to do something about wide-scale environmental concerns like climate change. My philosophy is, think globally, act locally. 

What he’s gained from volunteering: Friends, and a way to stay active. I’m not one to go out bar-hopping, so I find this is my way of having a social life. 

Favorite volunteering moment: Whenever people thank me for my work. It’s a pleasure knowing I can make a difference and that people appreciate it. 

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