Volunteer Voices

When I think about the life of a doctor, the last thing I think of is having enough free time to do much of anything – much less volunteering! Yet that is exactly the life of Dr. Scott Hathaway, a volunteer doctor at the Community Clinic of Door County (CCDC).

While working as an emergency room physician in Shawano, but still living in Door County, Dr. Hathaway was looking for a way to stay connected to the community he loved. Five years later, he now finds himself happily entrenched in providing medical services at the CCDC.

“As an ER doctor, you realize quickly how things can change in your life,” said Dr. Hathaway. “I’m lucky to be a doctor, and I wanted to find a way to give back.”

There’s a misconception that Door County is filled with “rich people” with second homes, but what some fail to realize, is that there’s a huge group of people, especially seasonal service industry employees, struggling to make ends meet. CCDC is a medical clinic providing non-emergency health, mental health and complementary health care to those without insurance. And although CCDC is not a “free clinic” (fees are based on family size and income), no one is turned away because of an inability to pay.

Dr. Hathaway’s passion for his patients is evident when he describes what he loves about volunteering at CCDC. “Patients are so appreciative of the services we provide at the clinic, and I have the ability to practice medicine the way I think it should be practiced. People who come here take their health care very seriously.”

One of Dr. Hathaway’s hopes is that more medical personnel consider volunteering. “Volunteering at the clinic has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. Patients know that you’re volunteering your time, and their appreciation is palpable. That’s what makes it so easy to keep doing this.” Additionally, liability coverage is provided at no cost by the State of WI for volunteer licensed practitioners.

CCDC has two locations, Sturgeon Bay and Sister Bay, and is open for appointments Monday through Thursday. For more information visit

If you are a licensed doctor, nurse or physician’s assistant, or if you are interested in the services that CCDC provide, please contact Laura Moeller at 920.746.8989.

For additional volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Center of Door County at 920.746.7704 or visit