Volunteer Voices

(Left to right) Katie Graf, Marjory Allingham, Don Ziegelbauer, Rachel Hale, Chuck Wagner and Ann Birnschein received Golden Heart Awards last year.


We all know good people doing good things for our community – incredible things actually – those constantly giving their time and energy to causes they believe in. The last thing these wonderful folks are looking for is recognition, yet wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to say “thank you” and be able to shine a little light on the organizations they so proudly serve?


Well here’s your chance! The Volunteer Center is now accepting nominations for the Ministry Door County Medical Center 9th Annual Golden Heart Volunteer Celebration.


Last year, 28 individuals and groups were nominated for the Golden Heart Awards in five categories – Youth, Adult, Lifetime of Service, Group, and Arts & Culture. When you hear what these incredible people are doing with their “free time,” you’d be blown away! Rachel Hale, last year’s Youth Award winner, gave 155 hours to the Family Center’s Christmas Store program. Chuck Wagner and Don Ziegelbauer were recognized for their countless hours of work in the successful opening of Habitat’s ReStore in the Group category. Ann Birnschein, winner of the Arts & Culture Award, was acknowledged for her involvement with Isadoora Theatre, volunteering in every position available since the organization began in 2002. Katie Graf, winner of the Adult category, volunteers her time to help raise money for Door County charities, serves on boards throughout the county and is a guardian for several elderly and disabled people. Marjory Allingham, Lifetime of Service Winner, has volunteered as a Sunday School teacher, organist, camp counselor, folk art painter, swim instructor, art museum volunteer, board member – the list goes on and on.


The average value of a volunteer in Wisconsin has been calculated to be $17.79 per hour. If you multiply out the number of hours a volunteer “volunteers” by $17.79, it’s easy to see the value of volunteers to our non-profit agencies. Not a single non-profit would be able to operate without their very valuable volunteers! So please take the time to nominate a volunteer you know and help us celebrate our volunteers and the difference they make in Door County.


Please join us at the Golden Heart Volunteer Celebration on April 28, 2011 at Stone Harbor Resort as we celebrate these everyday heroes. Nomination and sponsorship forms are available at our website, Click on the “Golden Heart Awards” link. You can also request forms by calling 920.746.7704 or emailing [email protected].