Volunteers, Donations Keep Door-Tran Going

Door-Tran implemented volunteer transportation programs after the American Red Cross discontinued transportation services in Door County in 2011. To date, volunteer drivers have donated almost 11,600 hours to provide 7,145 trips and serve all Door County residents with affordable transportation services for long-distance travel within and out of the county.

Door-Tran recently received a $15,000 grant from the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation to help meet the increased demands for volunteer transportation, half-price travel vouchers and mobility management. Door-Tran also receives funding through grants from Bader Philanthropies, the Door County Community Foundation, United Way of Door County and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

“We are honored to have support from many wonderful donor and volunteer partners in order to keep people moving in Door County,” said Pam Busch, Door-Tran’s mobility manager. “Without these partners, it would be difficult to keep up with the needs.”

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