Voter Prep Urged in Advance of Spring Elections

Wisconsin’s new Voter Photo ID law could create confusion come election day, so it is advised that voters prepare early to make sure they can vote. Starting with the spring primary on Feb. 21, all voters will be required to show an acceptable form of photo ID and sign the poll book in order to receive a ballot.

Acceptable forms of photo identification include: a Wisconsin driver’s license, a Wisconsin DOT-issued identification card, U.S. passport, or a military ID card. These forms of identification should be unexpired or expired after Nov. 2, 2010 – the date of the last general election.

Other forms of photo IDs that are acceptable, but must be unexpired, include: a Certificate of Naturalization no more than two years old; a receipt for a driver’s license from the Wisconsin DOT (valid for 45 days); a receipt from the Wisconsin DOT for an identification card (valid for 45 days); an identification card issued by a federally recognized Indian tribe in Wisconsin; or an ID from a Wisconsin accredited college or university that includes the date of issuance, signature of the student, and an expiration date no more than two years after it was issued – students must also provide a separate document that proves enrollment.

With the Voter Photo ID Law there have also been changes to policies regarding voter registration and absentee voting. Please contact your clerk with questions about your registration status or absentee voting policies. (Clerk contact information is found at the bottom of this page.)

For more information on the Voter Photo ID Law, visit the Government Accountability’s user friendly website