Waiting for the Turkey to Thaw


1_I introduced my sister Holly, visiting from Minneapolis, to the Blue Ox in Baileys Harbor – one of my favorite Door County bars, which features one of my favorite Door County manikins. (Ooh la la!)

While we watched the Packers defeat the Cardinals, the owners celebrated the last day of business by serving free and delicious ribs, onion rings, egg rolls, and more. They also offered the chance to win a turkey – and guess who won a turkey? This girl!

(Holly won a can of cranberry sauce. Note the disappointment.)


2_When the day came to prepare the frozen bird, I searched a simple recipe and psyched myself up to do all that needed to be done – take out the giblets and stuff the stuffing in the turkey’s behind. Yummy.

But, turns out, thawing takes more than a few minutes – more like a whole day. Minor oversight.

3_So, I set the bird in the sink and decided the house needed a fall clean. I scrubbed the shower, dusted the shelves, and reluctantly cleared a drawer for my thick winter sweaters, wool socks, and thermal long underwear, stowed away in a Rubbermaid.

Slowly, with a tear or two in my eyes, I switched my light pile of bright, flowery skirts, tank tops, and dresses with a heap of neutral colored apparel.


4_With a house reeking of Formula 409 and Febreze, I decided to stretch my legs and inhale some fresh air on a chilly, breezy walk at Cave Point County Park.

5_A turkey still thawing in the sink and the holiday season on the brain, I crossed the peninsula to visit Mistletoe Holiday House near Egg Harbor, a lovely little shop featuring all things Christmas: lights, ornaments, garlands, figurines, and an impressive, colorful selection of nutcrackers.

6_I unwound at Poh’s Corner Pub in Sturgeon Bay and ate, not turkey as planned, but a burger to complement a frosty mug of beer. The friendly bartender and cozy, classic atmosphere ended the day on a high note.

7_For breakfast, I slid in a booth at the Corner Café in Sturgeon Bay and fueled up for a day of turkey cooking with a tasty (and cheap) omelet, order of hash browns, and hot cup of coffee.


8_Now, back to square one – cooking that finally thawed bird.

I stuck in the meat thermometer, lathered the skin with butter, and popped the Li’l Butterball in the oven.

I will be eating turkey leftovers for weeks to come.