Walker Orders Public Records Improvement

Governor Scott Walker

Walker is ordering his administration to improve its handling of public records requests, speed up response times and provide mandatory records training for all state workers. The move comes months after he helped draft legislation, later withdrawn, to severely restrict the kind of information the public can use to learn about how state and local governments work on behalf of taxpayers. Walker is also fighting a lawsuit over his refusal to disclose certain records by saying they were part of a “deliberative process.” Walker issued an executive order that emphasizes a number of areas in the state’s Public Records Law, including responding to requests quickly and not charging for electronic responses to requests when possible.

Source: LaCrosse Tribune

Senator Tammy Baldwin

Baldwin is pushing legislation to invest in America’s water infrastructure. Speaking in Green Bay on May 27, Baldwin touted the “True Leadership Act,” which would inject $70 billion in the next decade into water infrastructure and lead relief programs nationwide. The bill seeks two major reforms: Accelerate water technologies and require public drinking water systems to be built with American-made iron and steel. “Did Flint put this on everybody’s radar screen? Absolutely. It’s created a huge discussion,” Baldwin said.

Source: WBAY

Senator Ron Johnson

Johnson released the second episode of his new podcast “Hey, Wisconsin.” The podcast was launched in mid-May with a short introduction episode from Johnson. In his latest podcast, Johnson was joined by Wisconsin radio talk show host Vicki McKenna to discuss what the FDA e-cigarette regulation could mean for vape shops and their customers. Johnson’s weekly podcast will address a variety of issues – connecting what happens in Washington to Wisconsinites. The podcast is available to download and share here:

Source: Johnson press release

President Barack Obama

On June 1, the President returned to Concord Community High School in Elkhart, Ind., the site of his first trip as President. More than seven years after that visit, the President highlighted the economic progress Elkhart and America have made, as well as the economic challenges that remain. He also took part in a town hall discussion hosted by PBS, where he had the opportunity to hear directly from Elkhart residents. The President’s remarks at Concord Community High School can be viewed at


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