Waseda Farms to Host Pasture Management Workshop Sept. 13

Waseda Farms will host a Pasture Management Workshop on Sept. 13, 10 am to 3:30 pm. The farmers at Waseda Farms rotationally graze beef cattle, poultry and pork on more than 400 acres of beautiful, certified organic farmland in Baileys Harbor.

Farm Manager Chris Schuh works closely with the staff at Waseda Farm and many experts to assist him with pasture management decisions. They work hard to continually improve their soils while maximizing forage quality and quantity and livestock health. In addition to their diverse perennial pastures with herbals for maximum herd health, they plant spring and fall cover crops to extend their grazing season and build their soils.

Guest speakers include: Ben Bartlett, Midwestern Bio Ag; Karl Dellefield, Prairie Creek Seed; Daniel Olson, Olson Seed; and Chris Schuh, Waseda Farms. There is no fee for this wonderful workshop but please register so they have an accurate head count for the lunch. Contact Kirsten Jurcek by Sept. 9 at [email protected] or 920.342.9504 to register. Waseda Farms Country Store is located at 7281 Logerquist Road, Baileys Harbor.

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