Waseda Farms Scholarship Continues Reach

The reach – and resulting impact – of the Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Farms Scholarship continues to expand in Wisconsin after 33 years. Three of the four recipients this year are the first graduating high school students from their respective schools to be selected for the Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Farms Scholarship.

To be considered for the Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Farms Scholarship, students must be in their final year of high school, graduating from a high school that is within 150 miles of Green Bay, in good academic standing, planning to attend an accredited four-year college or university, and committed to pursue a career in agriculture that will enhance Wisconsin’s rural communities.

This year’s recipients include a valedictorian, a salutatorian, a businesswoman and a fireman, all from different parts of Wisconsin. Scholarship recipients are:  Sarah Albers, Prairie du Sac; Jessica Jurcek, Jefferson; Olivia Pusch, Rubicon; and Austin Vandertie, Brussels.

The Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Farms Scholarship underscores Waseda Farms’ commitment to organic, sustainable and responsible farming and its commitment to education. The annual goal is to support students in rural communities who go to college and plan to commit themselves to living and working in those communities to advance Wisconsin’s agricultural future. For more information visit

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