Washington Island Centers Receive Challenge Grants

The Washington Island Trueblood Performing Arts Center (TPAC) and the Washington Island Foundation/Mosling Recreation Center (The Rec) have received a second challenge grant from the same anonymous donors who provided matching funds of $100,000 to each center in 2015. The grant these generous donors are proposing is based on each center doubling certain portions of its 2016 revenue. The anonymous donors challenge TPAC and The Rec to promote continued community camaraderie and to improve their financial positions by increasing membership, attendance, participation and community awareness, and to promote exercise and wellness. To successfully meet the 2018 Revenue Challenge, the TPAC and/or Rec Center must double their respective paid-in revenues from members, guests and ticket sales for 2018 as compared to similar revenues from 2016. Doubling TPAC’s 2016 ticket sales would result in a matching donation of $20,000, while The Rec would realize a matching donation of $55,000. The TPAC and the Washington Island Foundation/Rec will announce specific events and plans that will involve the Washington Island community – full-time and summer residents, visitors, guests, seniors and school-children – in meeting this achievable goal. This challenge is based on attendance and membership and not donation solicitations. All you will be asked to do is attend and participate more often. This 2018 Challenge is to place “seats in seats” for TPAC and to have more participants take full advantage of the exercise, wellness and healthy choices offered at The Rec.

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