Watch the Transit of Mercury at Crossroads at Big Creek

During the monthly viewing night at Crossroads at Big Creek on May 7, Door Peninsula Astronomical Society (DPAS) members will have one of the “loaner scopes” in the StarGarden of the Astronomy Campus and they will demonstrate how to use it. The “loaner scope” demonstrations start at 8 pm and the sky should be dark enough for stars by 8:30 pm. The event will take place clear skies or not.

DPAS members will again be at the Crossroads campus on May 9, 6 am – noon, for the transit of Mercury. Members will open the Leif Everson Observatory for the event. They have special filters for the telescopes and know where to look. If the clouds come between the Sun and the Door Peninsula, they’ll live stream the event from telescopes throughout the sunny side of the Earth. Do not try to see the transit without adequate eye-protecting filters.

On May 8, take a Big Creek Ramble at 1 pm. Big Creek is always lovely in spring, but it is especially nice when the marsh marigolds are in bloom. Wear shoes that can get wet. Ramblers should meet at the Collins Learning Center.

Crossroads at Big Creek, located at 2041 Michigan St. in Sturgeon Bay, is open 2 – 4:40 pm daily and during scheduled events. To reach Crossroads during construction, take the highway detour to County T (Alabama Street) cross the highway to Big Creek Road and turn right. Proceed to Lily Bay Road and turn right. Lily Bay Road will merge with Michigan and the Crossroads entrance will be on your left.

To reach the Astronomy Campus and Ida Bay Preserve, Utah Street currently crosses the highway, or follow Memorial Drive under the bridge, and turn on 18th Place to reach Utah Street. The Astronomy Campus is at the Cove Road intersection, 2200 Utah. To reach the Ida Bay Preserve, follow Cove Road (or follow Buffalo Ridge Trail, if coming from the north).

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