Watchnight Service

On Dec. 30, Ephraim Moravian Church will hold a service called Lessons and Carols”at 10 am. This service format began in 1880 when a bishop in Cornwall (later the Archbishop of Canterbury) gave the nine lessons in the fall of humanity and the birth of Jesus, interspersed with the singing of Christmas carols. The service has been in continuous use since then and adapted by other Christian denominations.

On New Year’s Eve, Ephraim Moravian will hold a watchnight service at 11:15 pm. The Moravians are thought to have held the first watchnight service; its purpose is to renew one’s covenant with God at the turn of the year. Each congregant draws a watchword: a verse to meditate on and pray with for the new year. The process of drawing watchwords began in 1727 with Count Zinzendorf. Exactly at midnight, the service ends, and a pancake breakfast begins. All are welcome. Ephraim Moravian Church is located at 9970 Moravia Street.

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