Water Problems Continue at Baileys Harbor Marina

The Baileys Harbor Marina Committee took a walk onto the north pier of the marina during its Aug. 16 meeting to consider what to do about a water main break buried beneath a foot of concrete.

The break is in the area of a fairly recent addition to the north pier. The leaking water might have caused a slab of concrete on the addition to sink, creating a potential hazard for pier users.

Dockmaster Mark Jonas said it would be a waste of time and money to tear up the concrete and suggested running a line on the outside of the pier where the line has been capped, but various members rejected that idea. Instead, they decided to get two bids for removing sections of the concrete to repair the leak.

Jonas also reported that the marina building continues to leak and the gas pump for boaters appears to be sinking. He said the company that worked on the renovation of the upper deck of the marina last year will return to caulk around pillars, which will help with the leaks but will probably not stop them altogether. Everyone agreed that the building was a bad design right from the start. The committee said it will take up what to do about the gas pump at its next meeting.

The marina opened the summer of 2000.

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