We Ask You: Where Did the Water Go?

Before we begin our annual Sustainability Issue, focused this year on the significant decrease in the water levels surrounding the Door Peninsula, let’s see what a handful of our readers (including my mother) know about the Great Lakes’ recent water loss…

“I don’t know. We just need it back.” ~ Michelle Palmer

“It’s going over the Niagara Falls. They want to slow the Niagara down next winter, put a dam over it.” ~ Sam Burris

“I don’t know…evaporation? I heard some people talk about that.” ~ Shauna Gulley

“I don’t know…it’s going somewhere. That’s a good question.” ~ Todd Haleen

“I got thirsty and I drank it.” ~ Jen Nellis

“I heard that in Detroit and Windsor, where the water meets, the Army Corps of Engineers dug too deep.” ~ Pat Hellen

“Doesn’t it just happen? Isn’t it cyclical, like part of nature?” ~ Kris Slattery

“We’re drinking too much water. If I had a scientific answer I would say it, but I don’t. I think the beer companies are using it to brew. The glaciers are receding in Colorado so they need the Great Lakes to brew…” ~ Damion Howard

“It went in a mushroom.” ~ Oliver Niese

“My bowl is empty, that’s why the water’s down.” ~ Buster Baumann

“I hear stuff, I can’t validate it. Pretty sure it’s because we had a drought last winter and no snow.” ~ Brandon Elkins