Weather Wizard: Ample Sunshine this Weekend


The one that got away

The water lapped, the moon shone bright

My fishing hopes blazed high that night

But suddenly my dreams were dashed

The line it broke and away he splashed

The line it broke ten feet from shore

And a record breaking fish he was for sure

To those who will listen I will tell my story

All the talk with none the glory


Your weekend weather report:

It will be a fabulous weekend in Door County! We are looking at a high-pressure system breaking into the region Thursday evening. The high-pressure system graces us with clear skies and normal-to-above normal temperatures. Friday, Saturday and Sunday: temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s, with ample sunshine.


All weather predictions are based in science with information gathered from the National Weather Service, and are subject to change depending on the weather.


Growing up in Michigan, Ryan Heise began keeping a fishing journal detailing the weather conditions and can still recall his hometown weatherman’s name. His fascination with weather has never wavered and began to heighten when planning surf trips while living in Florida. Now proud to call Door County home along with his wife Mary and dog Ruby, he has found a new fascination with the unique microclimate of Door County.


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