“Web Searches” and Other Activities at Crossroads

At Crossroads at Big Creek, web searches happen frequently. Yes, these searches sometimes use computers, but folks at Crossroads also enjoy the beauty of the webs out in the meadows of the preserve. Families are invited to attend an educational program, “Web Search,” as their Monday Family Program on Monday, August 24 at 10:30 am.

Webs are great places to observe insects while enjoying the structural beauty of the webs themselves. Webs are especially dazzling when glittering with morning dew. In the Web Search, families will explore the fields and forest for the beautiful webs of late summer.

Other programs at Crossroads also include making “Edible Planets” on Tuesday, August 25. Families will learn about the planets of the inner solar system by making Rice Crispy models of Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. And on Wednesday, August 26, families will wade in (not-so-very) Big Creek to explore the habitat and habits of water striders.

At Crossroads’ Historical Village, visitors will have the opportunity to see a blacksmith at work – with Bob Barnard, Adam Weldon and Al Briggs all working the forge. Briggs, the Crossroads volunteer who trained a group of beginning blacksmiths and designed the shop, served for many years as the blacksmith at Heritage Hill in Green Bay. Briggs will be on hand to demonstrate the process and to talk about the significant role of the blacksmith in every rural community.

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