Wedding Exhibit at Alexander Noble House Museum

Wedding bells are ringing and inviting you to the Alexander Noble House Museum. Looking for something fun to do Memorial Day weekend? There are 15 wedding gowns properly prepared and on display. The newest one dates before 1960, and the oldest one is circa late-1800s. These dresses are more than white lace – ever seen a black or purple wedding dress?

The docents will share fun facts about wedding customs through the ages. Traditions on why cans are attached to the newlyweds’ car, bundling, what day of the week to marry, what kind of flowers and the perfect wedding gifts are just a few of the customs to learn. All of this takes place in the beautiful Noble House Museum.

Come and visit Memorial Day weekend, 10 am – 3 pm. The museum is located at 4167 Main Street in Fish Creek. When finished at the museum, take the Historic Walking Tour that features 23 of Fish Creek’s oldest buildings. For more information or for group reservations, call 920.868.2091 or email [email protected].

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