This Week in Door County History: June 2 – 9

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.

The Expositor, May 29, 1874

Our boys beat the Modocs at Ahnapee last Saturday in the match game at base-ball pretty badly. The Peninsulars scored 136 to the Modocs 31 – Hurrah for the Peninsulars!

Weekly Expositor Independent, June 2, 1882

In the course of a week or two more, Leathem & Smith will have adjusted the apparatus carrying sawdust from their mill into the huge hopper built on the dock. Then the experiment of burning sawdust as fuel for steam crafts will be tested by them on the barge Smith. The hopper on the dock holds about 40 cords of sawdust.

The Republican, June 2, 1892


On Wednesday Constable John C. Messenger, of Jacksonport, arrested an Indian who was hanging around that place, it being suspicioned that he was the one who had committed the numerous depredations in that part of the county recently. Upon being searched a loaded revolver was found upon his person so he was brought to this city and arraigned before Justice Masse upon the charge of carrying concealed weapons, this being the only charge that could be brought against him.

When questioned, the prisoner, who was an intelligent and well-appearing specimen of the noble red man, stated that his name was Thos. Allen, and that he came to this county about a week ago, having came to Egg Harbor by boat. He had been informed that there was plenty of work to be had here at good wages and had been looking for a job ever since arriving, but without success. He was fined $10 and costs, amounting to about $27, or thirty days in jail. Not having any money he is now an inmate of Sheriff Wagener’s hotel. While it is thought that the prisoner is the party who stole a boat from this place a couple of weeks ago and committed several other lawless acts, still no proof that such is the case can be obtained. A small pen-knife was found on his person which it is claimed is one that was owned by Miss Mamie Cook, who teaches school at Fish Creek, and whose school house was broken into by somebody, a knife and pocket-book containing about $4 having been taken therefrom. If no depredations occur during the next thirty days it will be pretty strong evidence that the right man was locked up.

The Door County Democrat, May 30, 1896

The Re-Union of The Peninsular Veterans Association.

The Fifth Annual Re-Union of the Peninsular Veterans Association, comprised of the Counties of Brown, Door and Kewaunee, will be held in the city of Ahnapee, on Friday and Saturday, June 26-27, 1896.

Hotels have made rates per day as follows: Wisconsin House, $1.50; Ahnapee House, $1; St. Charles Hotel, $1; Bastar House, $1; Lohrey House, $1; Slaby House, $1.

Door County Democrat, June 2, 1906

Officer Schjoth received a telegram Monday that Nick Low had escaped from the Manitowoc asylum and to be on the lookout for him. Mr. Low has made his escape on several occasions, and always comes to this city, his former home.

Door County News, May 30, 1918


Somebody entered the garage of Herbert Janquart in the town of Union Tuesday night and stole his Ford car. The thief hitched a horse to the auto and hauled it far enough away so that when it was started the owner would not hear the noise.

Door County News, May 28, 1925


Sheriff Walter Olson on Monday raided a couple of places at Gills Rock at the northern extremity of the county and unearthed a couple of stills and a couple gallons of moonshine whisky.

Arthur Weborg and Frank Teske were arrested as a result and on being brought before Justice Reynolds paid a fine of $100 and costs on their plea of guilty to the charge of manufacturing illicit liquor.

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