Weekend ReCAP


1_Taking advantage of the beautiful, autumnal weather, my family decided to head to The Farm (with grandparents in tow) as soon as we were able to get ourselves together—not a small feat with a feisty toddler.

2_Dempsey spent his time marveling at the animals, especially the eating habits of an overly eager cow.


3_Other activities Dempsey enjoyed included: running through rows of corn, petting a Sicilian Donkey named Petunia, taking a stroll with dad, and seeing an astoundingly large horse.

4_A little pumpkin patch was also set up at The Farm, and Dempsey picked his first-ever pumpkin to decorate. He’s a strong toddler, but some of the pumpkins gave him a hard time.

5_Continuing our farm adventure, we made our way to Dairy View Country Store at Schopf’s Hilltop Dairy for ice cream. I devoured some delicious pumpkin ice cream, while J.P. and Dempsey eyed-up an ice cream cone slide.

6_On Sunday, I spent a leisurely morning at home doing laundry with the assistance of my right-hand man, Dempsey; with that done, we headed to Czarnuska Soup Bar with Aunt Anissa and Uncle Jeff. Anissa and I had Bohemian Potato Chowder, and Jeff selected Cheddar, Brat and Kraut. My brother chose to pair his soup with a can of Grape Crush—apparently a refreshing combo.


7_My sister wanted to shop after lunch, so we went to Brilliant Stranger in Fish Creek. This past weekend was Fish Creek’s Inside/Outside Sale, but we managed to find some quiet space by the water. It was so peaceful that Dempsey nodded off, and the weekend came, all too quickly, to an end.