Weekend ReCAP

1_ Friday evening after work, I headed over to The Cookery to catch some live music from The Nicks and enjoy a delicious dinner with friends.

Knowing I was going to be running a few miles the next day – and the fact that The Cookery will be closing for the season soon – I didn’t mind indulging a little bit in a house salad with mustard dill vinaigrette, roasted vegetable quesadilla, caramel apple pie ala mode, and a Central Waters Mud Puppy Porter (or two!).

2_ Bright and early Saturday morning, my Fall 50 teammates (Karin Skare, Krista Lawell, Kelly Fagundes, and Lauren Bremer) and I headed up to Gills Rock to don our costumes for the 50-mile relay run to Sturgeon Bay.


In contrast to the mental toughness it takes for those folks who are running the event solo, when running as part of a team, the Fall 50 ranks as the most fun, laidback, raucous atmosphere of any sporting event in which I’ve ever participated. And, despite all the shenanigans, we were pretty pleased with our finish time: 7:20:44, which breaks down to an 8:49 pace per mile and placed us 154th out of 374 teams. Way to go Local Lasses!


3_ On Sunday morning I played a little catch up with work around the house, as well as for the Pulse and Door County Living.

Between doing laundry and dishes, I sipped coffee, cruised through emails, and made some final edits to articles for Door County Living’s winter issue – look for it on stands around Thanksgiving!

4_ And, while I’m going to thoroughly enjoy heading to Lambeau Field to cheer on the Packers in their game against the Jaguars next weekend, staying in my slippers and enjoying their victory from the comfort of my own couch was just what I needed to round out my weekend.