Weekend Recap

It was a beautiful, fall weekend in Door County! Here’s how we enjoyed the peninsula on our free time:

Jim Lundstrom went to Pumpkin Patch in Egg Harbor, where he met Cliff Parrington of Egg Harbor. Cliff was decked out in full fall colors on Saturday for the festival.

Pumpkin Patch is Egg Harbor’s annual festival on Columbus Day weekend, where families gather to eat caramel-covered apples, listen to great bands, bid on goods in a silent market and ride carnival rides. Oh, and check out some awesome pumpkin art!

Sally Slattery took part in Peninsula School of Art’s famous Iron Pour on Saturday night – which lit up the sky with light painting demonstrations, live music from Jess Holland and Nick Hoover, and the bright glow of liquid iron.

The Iron Pour raises money for the Peninsula School of Art’s educational programs, and participants get to design and make their own iron tile. Learn more about the annual event and see brilliant photos by Len Villano in Friday’s issue of the Pulse.

Carol Thompson took advantage of the warm weather and went out for a Sunday afternoon hike in Fish Creek to check out the awesome fall colors.

Leaf color change is beautiful, and it’s science: leaves begin to change color as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. They form an abscission layer – a layer of cork-like cells that blocks movement of nutrients – between the stem and the branch. Eventually leaves stop producing chlorophyll – the molecule that helps trees turn sunlight into food and makes leaves green – and fall off.