Weekend ReCAP


Growing up in front of a camera has ironically led me to a budding career behind the camera, shooting photos of most everything I do. Check out how I documented my busy weekend around the county in this week’s Weekend ReCAP.

1. I started the weekend off right with the Donation Creation pizza from the Wild Tomato. My date and I also shared the artichoke dip. The verdict? Delicious and actually tasted like artichokes.


2. The Blue Ox. Better known as my own personal Cheers bar. Situated in downtown Baileys, the bar is always full of fascinating people. I would not be surprised to walk in and find Woody and Norm hashing it out over a drink.

3. My new co-workers, Carol, Matt, and I went to the preview of the Door Shakespeare show The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged!). The completely new take on the classics had the three of us in stitches.


4. I spent my Friday taking some much needed alone time (all other only children of the world, you know what I’m talking about!), complete with a long bike ride to the southernmost Door County Land Trust, the Legacy Preserve at Clay Banks.

5. With one of the leading members of the DoCo staple band The Nicks living out of state, I was not about to miss a chance to see them perform during his only weekend in town! Nick Hoover and Nick Steingart played for the crowd at the Husby’s Garage Bar.


6. Lazy Sunday? Nope. I took to my post at the Sister Bay Beach Rentals, renting out kayaks and stand-up paddleboards to tourists and locals alike. But don’t worry, it wasn’t all work and no play: my Pulse groupies came to visit.

7. I rounded out my weekend with an impromptu camping trip at Newport State Park. Instructions: light a fire, sling up a hammock, take a dip in the warm waters of Europe Lake, enjoy the stars, repeat as many times as necessary.

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