Weekend Recap

1. Awful winter weather didn’t keep a surprising number of brave souls from HELP of Door County’s presentation of The Vagina Monologues at the Door Community Auditorium on Feb. 28.

I, along with nine other women, shared funny, disturbing, and poignant stories and statistics about vaginas. The experience was frightening (I have a whole new respect for my Door County friends and acquaintances who make their living on the stage) as well as powerful (I feel an enormous amount of respect and gratitude for individuals willing to stand up and tell their stories as one survivor did following the performance).

2. Performance jitters still aflutter – I needed a margarita and fish fry pronto. I popped in the Bayside Tavern with friends for some fried perch, French fries, and arguably the best coleslaw I’ve ever had. Hit the spot!

3. In the morning light, I could properly admire the bouquet of flowers my family sent in recognition of my Door County stage debut. (Thanks, everyone!) I share this photo not to brag about what a super duper nice family I have, but to show off the wild talent of florist Helene Ingsten-Anderson of Flora. Gorgeous work!

4. Another frigid day upon us, my boyfriend Luke and I decided to warm up with Al Johnson’s melt-in-your-mouth pancakes, decadently topped off with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

5. Confined to the indoors, Luke decided to teach me Cribbage and I decided that Cribbage requires a lot of counting, perhaps too much counting. Luke won.

6. And then, with a group of fantastic dancers and fashionable dressers, we partied like it was 1984…in a bookstore. (Thanks, Steven Link of Untitled Books!)

A disco ball spinning, music by Talking Heads blaring, we shook our frozen tail feathers in shoulder pads, Cosby sweaters, and way too much hairspray.

7. Sore, exhausted and in need of coffee, we buzzed over to Corner Café for breakfast and more entertainment.

While we filled up on eggs, hash browns, and toast, The Bent Elbows performed some sweet tunes. Joshua Gregory tickled the keys and Elliot Goettelman strummed the guitar – until Nick Hoover joined in, then Goettelman created a makeshift drum with nothing but a fork, a knife, and a chair and an unconventional rendition of “Ophelia” by The Band followed.

8. Then we went thrifting – one of my favorite weekend activities! I found a gorgeous teacup at Door County Traders, only $3.95.

“What are you going to do with it?” asked Luke. “Drink tea?”

Seems like an obvious option, but no. “I’m going to put it on a shelf and look at it,” I smiled. He bought two DVDs.