Weekend Recap

1_I began my weekend as many non-vacationers in this county do – by working. On the third Friday of my first ever job in food service, I did my utmost to faithfully man the cash register and direct arriving parties to their appropriate tables. I’m still rather wobbly on my restaurant legs, but certainly steadier than when I started.


2_Saturday morning brought gray skies. After gearing up for the day with coffee and a crossword puzzle, I traipsed across the dewy lawn to gather what little was left of our garden’s rhubarb. Because there wasn’t enough for the custard bars my grandmother had requested, she and I set out down the road through a brewing storm to Carlson’s Orchard Stand. There, wrapped in the comforting aroma of Mary Pat’s baking, we chatted with her husband, Mark Carlson.

3_As soon as the rhubarb bars were out of the oven, my grandma and I drove down to Fish Creek for lunch at Blue Horse Café. Though Blue Horse is a well-established favorite in my family, it was my first time at their new location. Thankfully, the view of the harbor with all its moored schooners and sloops was just as lovely as before, the atmosphere just as cozy, and the food just as scrumptious.


4_Before heading home, we crossed over to the lakeside and visited Alchemy Fields. While the ancient alchemists attempted to turn common materials into precious metals, the lady who runs this charming gallery in an old homestead barn aims to transform common belongings into precious works of art – she succeeds.

5_After another night of work at Husby’s, I picked up my grandma and we sped down to Ephraim to catch what was left of the Fyr Ball bonfires. Some were only mounds of burning embers, but others were still flaming high!


6_Sunday morning meant Sunday Mass in Jacksonport: Father Art gave his typically spirited sermon, helping us all to better celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi.

7_On our way back, we stopped briefly in Baileys Harbor to check out their weekly farmer’s market, a beautiful mural, and the fog-covered harbor. When we finally made it home, my grandma and I spent the rest of the day preparing the house for a visit from my parents and sisters. They come tomorrow –the perfect beginning to a new week!