Weekend ReCAP


1. My weekend half-started Friday morning, when Pulse photographer Len Villano and I hopped on the lighthouse tour at Lakeshore Adventures. Owner Todd Haleen spent about an hour and a half taking us (and a very nice couple from Sun Prairie, Wis.) around Baileys Harbor, detailing the history and geography of the harbor.

Todd’s been out on the lake since he was 10 years old, so he knows his stuff.

2. After being out on the lake in the morning, it was rough to drag myself through sitting in the office the rest of the day. And once the workday was over, I quickly got outside again.

The Pulse garden is still in need of a lot of tender love and care, and while I’m not really good at that, I can pull weeds with the best of them. The Pulse crew spent about an hour on upkeep and harvest(!), and then we sat down with a beer and some radishes before heading across the street to…


3. …the Baileys Harbor Town Hall, where Fairland Bluegrass Band was strumming away. The family band had a really good rhythm, and a good number of people turned out to sit in their lawn chairs and take in some bluegrass.

4. On Saturday, fellow news reporter Carol Thompson and I spent a good chunk of our afternoon working, finishing up articles for the next issue of Door County Living. Thankfully, we had a great place to work in Drink Coffee in Sister Bay.

Carol grabbed an iced coffee; I got an Italian cream soda, and we split a double chocolate cherry cookie that made working on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon a lot easier to bear.

5. Carol and I finished around four or so in the afternoon and decided to celebrate by taking a hike along Eagle Trail in Peninsula State Park.


After initially getting a little lost (we’re reporters, not cartographers), we eventually found the trail, and Carol was thrilled to a) get a good glimpse at the rocks that make up much of Door County and b) see her home state of Michigan off in the distance.

6. My Saturday workday still wasn’t over, however. I had a ride-along scheduled with Officer Steve Meisner of the Sturgeon Bay Police Department.

We responded to a few calls and went about Steve’s regular patrol before heading back to the station, where Steve gave me the nickel tour. To read more about the ride-along, be sure to check out the Feature in Section 1!


7. On Sunday, I finally got down to visit my girlfriend, Kat, in Kewaunee and take in the sights at the Kewaunee Trout Festival. Highlights for me were the South Shore Drill Team, who had come all the way from Chicago to perform at the festival, and the Kewaunee Chambermaids, who apparently have been cross-dressing since 1948.

Kat and I made sure to get our trout on at the trout boil, and we finished off our afternoon by stopping at Kewaunee Custard for some discounted double chocolate cheesecake ice cream, which we took home to beat the heat.