Weekend ReCAP

1_After a good day’s work on Friday, some of us at the Pulse decided to start the weekend on a good note. Katie Dahl and Rich Higdon helped us out with some live music. All we had to do was cross the street.

2_Buy local. Do it. It’s good for your community, not to mention you. On Saturday morning, that’s just what I did. Having not gone to a good ol’ DC farmer’s market yet this summer, I checked out the one at Corner of the Past in Sister Bay, and left content with ice cream from Cheese Cake Etc. and Crusty Uprising Olive French bread.

3_Force of habit…I had to go for a run, despite an as of late rather cranky knee. After a short one on Peninsula State Park’s Sunset Trail, I had intended to waste no time in taking my inflatable kayak out on the lake. The Saturday afternoon storm delayed my chances, however, till Sunday.

4_As the day wound down, my Sis and I took in one of many sunsets atop Svens Bluff in the park.

5_I can always count on a renewed inspiration and motivation to create with a visit to Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Fish Creek. A Sunday late afternoon walk-through was no exception.

6_Within an hour and a half I was paddling straight into the setting sun out from Peninsula’s Tennison Bay. Curious about the shallow shoals surrounding the Strawberry Islands, I was particularly eager to explore one off Adventure Island’s south shore. I discovered choppy waves breaking against an unusual protrusion of shells at least 50 feet long and extending 2-3 feet above the surface. A number of pelicans were perched on the island of shells before my disturbance. I turned back from “Pelican Island” with a hot orange sky on my back.

7_I should mention my week’s end was interlaced with frequent tuning-in to the Olympics and outstanding mediocre guitar strumming.

And that’s a wrap for this weekend recap.