Weekend ReCAP


1_Friday afternoon, car packed, we headed over on the Washington Island Ferry for the 5th annual “I Heart Camping!” weekend.

2_Baby Nora is all smiles, per usual, as parents Carrie and Nate whisk her away on first camping trip – the kind of camping trip where she gets as far as the Jackson Harbor pier, then sends her comrades off to fend the wilderness alone while she goes home to nap instead.


3_Sarah and Brian offer their Stingray – on its maiden voyage – as our transport from Washington Island to Rock Island. Who knew camping could be so classy?

4_Once on Rock, boyfriend Chris dives right in to set up tent. Although I have done this a handful of times, I’m still half as efficient as he is on the first try.

5_First full day on Rock Island begins with Bill performing a jaw dropping feat called “boiling water” in order to make coffee.

6_Bill and Rose are all smiles heading out for a hike.


7_Once we hike up to Pottawatomie Lighthouse, Brian fashions a baby bjorn for Gus the dog. No dice though – the DNR is on to our scam. Although Gus is a very cute “baby” he will have to wait outside while we take the tour.

8_Stroke of genius: “Hey guys, let’s take the shore back instead of the trail.” Oops. That took a tad longer than I thought. Sorry ‘bout that friends. (We are still friends, right?)

9_Last meal on island: Brat Breakfast. Only in Wisconsin, and only with my favorite camping pals.