Weekend ReCAP


I am a busy girl living life in Door County, trying to take in as much of this crazy, awesome place as I can (with the help of my brand new iPhone). See what adventures ensued as I reflect on this week’s Weekend ReCAP.

1. I take my honorary position as Pie Tasting Judge for Olde Ellison Bay Days very seriously. After a grilled cheese, meant to absorb the onslaught of sweetness, I tasted a variety of delicious pies: strawberry rhubarb, blueberry peach, pecan pie, warm apple pie, and more. Yummy.


2. Yes, I am lucky. My father’s lifelong interest in aircraft and engines means free and frequent plane rides for my friends and I. He flew across the state and whisked me to the skies of Door County. Looks so tiny from the air, doesn’t it?

3. You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. After the flight, we scarfed down a delicious pizza and creamy, homemade ice cream at the Door County Ice Cream Factory.


4. The sunset’s brilliant end caught our attention, so we pulled over and meandered through Sister Bay Marina Park, which provided beautiful views and great jumping photo opportunities.

5. We began our Saturday at Al Johnson’s. Those Swedes sure know how to make a pancake, and appeal to the goat-lover in us all.


6. We treasure hunted at Julie’s Upscale Resale…

7. …then putted away at The Red Putter.

8. Eagle Tower in Peninsula State Park was a tad wobbly, and my thighs cramped a bit climbing down, but the view and experience was worth every shred of apprehension.


9. The quick-handed frozen griddle masters at Malibu Moos whipped us up a delicious mid-afternoon snack.

10. J. Jeffery Taylor’s wide selection of sparkling jewelry had us oohing and awing.

11. Brandi Carlile, with The Lumineers, rocked Door Community Auditorium. I danced in my seat, sang along with Brandi, and held a semi-casual conversation with The Lumineers. “You guys are making such a splash!” (Yes, I said that.)


12. The Old Post Office served more than piping hot coffee and tasty oatmeal on Sunday morning, they also offered a fantastic view of Eagle Harbor.

13. A few jars of jam and pie filling were needed. I stopped by Koepsel’s Farm Market for Door County necessities.

14. To conclude a busy, whirlwind weekend, I lathered up with some tanning oil, sat with some of my favorite girls and cheered on the Bailey Harbor A’s. In extra innings, the A’s beat their longtime rivals, the Sister Bay Bays, 7 – 6. Go A’s!