Weekend Weather: May 13, 2016

Green ScreenBy Ryan Heise

I was preparing for springtime brown trout fishing trip a few weeks back and I called my angling amigo, and bemoaned an approaching blob on the satellite imagery. “It looks like it’s going to rain,” I sighed. “It’s positively going to rain,” he responded. “I’m outside now, and it’s raining….call it an old country boy weather forecasting method.”

Red-faced, I mustered the strength to break my gaze from the hypnotizing smartphone radar loop, and shuffled my woolen socks over to the window. Placing a finger on the blind, I peered outside. Indeed, it was raining. Slightly embarrassed, it reminded me of what my surf buddies would say, wave models are great and all, but the best swell predictor can be found at the beach.

We were ready to go fishing, and we knew from the weather reports that there was a good chance of rain. However I refuse to be ruled by fancy forecasting models, and rarely allow them to cancel a: hike, bike ride, leisurely cruise on the water, good surf session, or epic fishing trip. I use them to prepare for weather conditions, but I don’t let the all-powerful weatherman dictate my outdoor adventures.

In Door County, spring peeks in like a meek footed lamb, and most residents are accepting of its slow arrival. It’s a fair trade for the warmer fall, created by the buffering of air temperatures while surrounded by big water. But the change is noticeable throughout the county, and if you listen closely, you can almost hear the cells dividing as the leaves unfurl and the flowers pop.

Here’s what we can expect this weekend in Door County:

Summer has been flirtatious with us, but a cold front has plans to usher away the warmer weather, bringing us back to normal…to below normal temperatures for this time of the year. Thank Canada for yet another deep trough to park overhead this weekend. Friday will be partly sunny with a high in the mid ‘50s. Saturday and Sunday high temperatures will struggle to reach into the 50-degree mark. Keep a lookout for frost freeze advisories both Friday and Saturday night. Winds will need to be still and skies clear for the frost to have any chance of making an appearance. With water temperatures in the high ‘40s and lower ‘50s we should have some defense from extreme lows in Door County.


All weather predictions are based in science with information gathered from the National Weather Service, and are subject to change depending on the weather.

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