West Nile Virus Research Taking Place in Wisconsin

A region-wide effort to better understand West Nile virus in ruffed grouse is getting underway in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. All three states are in the early stages of planning to test samples from grouse this fall but at this point, there is no evidence that the virus is having a population-level impact in the Great Lakes region. “We are looking to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to help us in this endeavor,” said Mark Witecha, upland wildlife ecologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. “This is an excellent example of agencies and organizations taking a proactive approach and working together to expand our knowledge about WNV and ruffed grouse – we will be sharing updates throughout the process.” The Wisconsin ruffed grouse hunting season opens September 15 in Zone A and October 20 in Zone B. Ruffed grouse hunting information can be found at by searching keywords “ruffed grouse.”

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