What Happened?

• The Washington Island Ferry Line purchased the Karfi from Jeff Cornell on Nov. 14. The Karfi has been transporting people back and forth between Washington and Rock Islands since Jeff’s grandfather Jim began operating it in 1967.

A blog post at announcing the transition said there will be limited changes, if any, as a result of the sale, although a combination ticket between the Washington Island and Rock Island ferries is a possibility.


• Kids from Sevastopol, Southern Door, and Sturgeon Bay Schools who voted through the Kids Voting USA program chose a couple different candidates than adults did.

While the kids would also have voted in Barack Obama and Garey Bies, they chose Tommy Thompson over Tammy Baldwin and Jamie Wall over Reid Ribble. 632 children total from all three schools voted in the mock election.


• Joe Smith was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Egg Harbor Village Board on Nov. 12, 2012. Smith was a member of the village’s Plan Commission, where there is now an opening.

Nancy Fischer announced she will not run for re-election as president of the Egg Harbor village board.


• Fred Bridenhagen resigned from the Ephraim Planning Committee, leaving an opening on the committee.


• After the citywide delivery of 9,000 new garbage and recycling cans, Sturgeon Bay’s revamped, automated trash collection system rolled out on Nov. 12.

Besides new cans and garbage trucks, the biggest change to the system was a switch from dual stream to single stream recycling, which simplifies things for residents and saves the city some money.

“It costs $14 a ton to process paper and $47 a ton to process everything else,” said Bob Bordeau, the city’s Public Works Superintendent. “With single stream the overall price is $13 a ton.”

The new collection system is also expected to save money by increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of workers’ compensation claims the city receives.

Collection dates and times remain the same, and a detailed packet of information regarding the new system is available on the city’s website, Questions can be called into the city’s Municipal Services Department at 920.746.2912.