What Happened in Door County?

• The Village of Egg Harbor hired two new employees. Michelle Anderson is the new deputy clerk deputy treasurer and Lynn Ohnesorge is the new deputy administrator clerk treasurer.

“We thought the skill set Michelle and Lynn could bring to the village would put us in a better position going forward,” said Josh Van Lieshout, village administrator.

Anderson has been the general manager of Pheasant Park Resort in Sister Bay and marketing coordinator for the Baileys Harbor Community Association.

“All of the responsibilities in this job really overlapped with my experience in Pheasant Park and Baileys Harbor, so it’s just a different avenue to improve those,” Anderson said.

Ohnesorge worked as the bookkeeper at Eagle Harbor Inn in Ephraim and applied for the new position for a change of pace.

“I just thought it would be exciting to do something different for the next 25 years,” Ohnesorge said.

• The Ephraim Village Board met to hear public comment on the village ordinance that was used to ban an open air painting event in June.

Almost 40 people attended the Sept 18 meeting to discuss the ordinance. Local merchants, taxpayers and artists addressed the board with concerns about competition to Ephraim businesses, supporting the arts, unclear language in the ordinance and the way it has been interpreted.

The board will continue addressing the ordinance in future meetings. There will be a public hearing about the revised ordinance once a draft is agreed upon by the board.

“This is 2012, and it’s time, potentially, for a re-write,” said John Cox, village president. “That’s how we’re dealing with it and that’s why we’re having this meeting tonight.”