What Happened in Door County?

The Door County Board of Supervisors adopted a $68,602,308 budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year at its Nov. 6 meeting. $25,012,062 of that will be raised via local tax levy, representing an increase of 0.898 percent over last year’s tax levy. The 2012-2013 mill rate is $3.55, while the 2011-2012 mill rate was $3.49.

The Sturgeon Bay Board of Public Works voted 5-2 on Oct. 16 to bring discussion of an extension of 12th Avenue across Egg Harbor Road to the Common Council.

The extension, which would create another outlet for those on the west side of Egg Harbor Road, has been discussed since 1969, but various factors have kept it from being created.

“As that area develops, the issues with traffic on Egg Harbor Road will only increase,” said Bob Schlicht, who brought the issue before the board.

Building the extension would require that the city purchase property across from the current intersection. City Engineer Tony Depies said the cost of constructing the road, without factoring in the cost of purchasing the property, is roughly $132,000.

The city could also wait and potentially require any new developer who purchases the land opposite the intersection to put the extension in.

Former Door County supervisor Patrick Olson was found guilty of six waste runoff violations at his farm in Southern Door County at a hearing on Oct. 25. He was fined almost $50,000 as a result of the violations, which included allowing overflow of manure storage facilities, situating livestock near water quality management areas, allowing direct runoff from stored manure and feedlot areas into state waters.