What I Miss

The Peninsula Pulse has dedicated a page in each issue from April 24 – May 22 for the students of each Door County high school. This week we feature the work of Sturgeon Bay student writers.

by Hailey DeGrave, Senior

Looking back, it’s almost comical how often we would wish for extra time at home or even for life to halt altogether. But what happens when that wish comes true? We begin to miss the parts and pieces of our past routines and small aspects of life that we normally take for granted. 

As I first heard the news of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was hopeful that life would soon return to normal and I would finish my senior year, despite the small bumps and bruises provided by the crisis. Little did I know what would become of the situation. 

As I sit in my house each and every day, certain memories begin to stick out to me, and what I miss most becomes clear. It’s not the moments when everything is loud in a gym or dancing together at Homecoming. Rather, it’s everything but this.

What I miss are the smallest moments: the small classes where there is endless laughter, smiling at others in the hallway and the tiny conversations that can make someone’s day. At the end of the day – however stressful, chaotic and/or unpredictable school may have felt – it brought us all together. 

Reminiscing for me is not a reminder of what is no longer here, but rather, a reminder of all that we have been able to experience. High school is an incredibly challenging time during which we are all trying to discover exactly who we are. I’m thankful that I’ve had so many outstanding people around me to help me get to where I am. 

Looking back, I will not miss high school. I will miss the community, friends and family of Sturgeon Bay High School exemplifying love and kindness every day that came with it.