What We’re Reading

Whether they come in print, e-book or audiobook form, the members of the Pulse staff enjoy taking a moment away from the journalism life to delve into the realm of books. From mystery to history to science fiction, you can see the staffers enjoy a variety of genres. Here’s what some of them are currently reading.


“After rewatching Billy Wilder’s brilliant 1944 film noir Double Indemnity, I read late Time film critic Richard Schickel’s 1992 book about the making of the movie. He provides great background about the writing of the screenplay by Wilder and first-time screenwriter Raymond Chandler, based on James M. Cain’s novella.

Schickel details how the two — though they came to hate each other — turned Cain’s tale into what is perhaps the greatest movie in the film noir genre. He also goes into casting decisions and the chiaroscuro lighting that came to define film noir and the cinematography of John Seitz.

In short, after reading Schickel’s book, I am ready to watch Double Indemnity again with new eyes. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the movies of Billy Wilder, Raymond Chandler’s writing, Barbara Stanwyck’s acting, film noir or American film in general.” — Jim Lundstrom, Editor

“I love mysteries, and I’m just starting Patricia Skalka’s Death Stalks Door County. This will be my first Door County–based mystery.” — Paula Apfelbach, Copy Editor

“I just finished reading one of the books in the Hangman’s Daughters series by Oliver Pötzsch. These books are set in different regions of Germany in the 1600s. I read the first one a couple years ago and really liked it. All in the series are highly recommended!” — Kait Shanks, Inside Sales/Assistant Office Manager

“I listened to The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh on audiobook, and it was a standout book for its strangeness. Also, the narrator’s cool, calm and sometimes monotone voice really added to the eerie otherworldliness of the storyline.

Three sisters are being raised isolated from society due to their parents’ strange beliefs and ideas about how women are fragile and susceptible, and can be made stronger through alternative water-based exercises. Still, these young women are like most teenagers and young adults, but having lived sheltered lives has twisted their perspectives in unique ways. When their father goes missing and strange men are stranded near their remote home, tensions elevate.” — Aleah Kidd, Multimedia Editor

“I am currently reading Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond. It’s heartbreaking. We have a housing shortage in Door County, but it’s nothing compared to the housing crisis that leaves poor families in Milwaukee living on the edge of eviction every month.” — Myles Dannhausen Jr., Content Editor

“I recently finished reading Sphere by Michael Crichton. I am a sci-fi fan. Although space shoot ’em books can be entertaining, I like the thrill and mystery that come with something a little more cerebral. I think Crichton does a great job with this.

The story starts off like I would expect – mysterious underwater ship and bringing in unsuspecting experts to help figure out what it is. From there, readers are taken on a whirlwind trip, with Crichton setting you up for one conclusion and giving you another. In addition, the underwater setting ups the tension and stakes that the characters are experiencing.

The book is split up into sections that lead the reader from one experience to the other – you will fly through the 385 pages in no time! I would highly recommend if you are a Michael Crichton, sci-fi or space fan.” — Grace Johnson, Events Calendar Manager

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