Where to Learn More About Water Levels

To keep up on the latest Great Lakes water level news and learn more about the science behind lake levels, check out these resources:

The Army Corps of Engineers weekly Great Lakes Water Levels report

Every week, the Army Corps of Engineers Detroit District publishes updated Great Lakes water levels. They compare levels to long-term average levels, last year’s levels, last month’s levels and record high and low levels.

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The Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard

The Great Lakes Water Level Dashboard is a tool built by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory. You can use the dashboard to see individual lake levels at different points in time, as well as information on water level forecasts, weather and average levels.

The Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory also has information not in dashboard form. They track surface currents, weather and invasive species, and have cool programs like a narrated Great Lakes Google Earth tour, a collection of historical photos and downloadable brochures on a lot of subjects.

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Great Lakes Science Center

The U.S. Geological Survey’s Great Lakes Science Center doesn’t have much information on water levels, but it’s a good place to go for information on beach safety, threatened species and restoration projects.

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